BAC Enterprise

BAC FIRST ENTERPRISE is a capital-guaranteed policy aimed at legal persons and/or entities, both commercial and non-commercial, with or without legal personality.

Special features:

  • Capital guaranteed by the insurance company
  • Annual revaluation of capital with the rate of return produced by management
  • Annual capital consolidation with accrued interest
  • Investments: Bac First Solution Enterprise invests in an “internal fund” called “Bac Protection”.
  • Type and duration: Capitalisation; duration 10 years
  • Premiums: Single premium with the possibility of additional payments.
  • Minimum premium: €10,000 at subscription,
  • €2,000 for each additional payment.
  • Underlying investments: government bonds for at least 50% of the portfolio and, for the remainder, corporate bonds or units of bond mutual funds.
  • Revaluation: Guaranteed capital (guaranteed technical rate: 0%).
  • Performance consolidation at each annual recurrence
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